© Jana Doudova

Last Summer Theodor Johansson and Robin Kirchner created an art installation of banners and black and white photographs at the small building Plattenvereinigung at the southeast end of Tempelhofer Feld. A non-commercial project space next to the skatepark. The artwork was hanging in the upper level and outside on the building. The installation referred to gay cruising, slang and club culture and was inspired by the idea of a „secret gay clubhouse“. Outside they installed a soundsystem and two iconic DJs of the Berlin queer club scene Luigi di Venere and Massimiliano Pagliara played some cosmic tunes while the sun set. A bar was organized through the windows of the lower level and as it got dark the hang out area transformed into a dance floor.

Next summer we are planning to bring back the vibe of Bust A Nut. For three weekends with an artistic mostly local queer content combining exhibitions, performance, modern ballet, dj sets, live acts, film screenings, sound performance and sound meditation. Other weird stuff like a drag show or a Vogueing event might also happen. The Building itself and the concrete structures around will be the stage. We wanna create a space which has an artistic but also radical activist queer and gay vibe. A place where people gather during the summer to enjoy art and music and the beautiful wide view of the (former Airport) field. The message is we are here, loud and proud and anyway the most

fabulous! It might sound very hippie but the place should be non-commercial and add a free spirit to our city. To cover the costs for Equipment and the Exhibition Materials drinks will be sold and there will be the possibility to give donations for the artistic Programm.

The exhibition weekends will always include three days: Vernissage on Friday with, mellow music and sunset drinks and a performance or live act. Saturday is the main day. The exhibition is open and there will be two or three DJ-Sets from around 2 pm till the park closes. Performances, live acts, modern ballet or even dragshows will happen. Sunday it’s time for a chilled day: Some picnic or brunch in the afternoon, sound meditation and open-air cinema in the evening. The movie directors will be invited to provide an exchange with the audience. Lots of chairs are there and the films will be screened directly on the surface of the building or on a whitescreen we will install.

Dates are: (still optional, but already reserved the location)

30th April – 1st May

26th – 28th July *Pride edition

20th – 22nd September

Let us know if you feel like collaborating with us and we can talk about in what way this can happen.

Luigi Di Venere, Robin Kirchner and Theodor Johansson