Between May and October 2016, the Plattenvereinigung at the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin will become an artistic workshop and a forum to deal with the subject of “Seriality and Cycle”. For several selected artists, the building becomes a studio and exhibition space for the realization of installative works that deal with “seriality and cycle” from different perspectives. The installations are accompanied by a supporting program with public lectures and discussion events. The artistic works will be presented in front of an audience as well as photographically accompanied and shown as a series of images in a final exhibition.


The sixth part of the project „Series and Cycle“ is Roberto Uribe Castro’s installation “Landmark”. About his site-specific work at Plattenvereinigung, the artist writes the following:
“LANDMARK – an object (as a stone or tree) that marks the boundary of land; a conspicuous object on land that marks a locality; an anatomical structure used as a point of orientation in locating other structures; an event or development that marks a turning point or a stage; a structure (as a building) of unusual historical and usually aesthetic interest; especially one that is officially designated and set aside for preservation.
– As material for the installation the white/red barrier tape will serve, that encounters as a warning signal on any construction site. For those who transit the city, these sites become temporary landmarks. They are signs of transformations on roads or buildings, and eventually they disappear – just to come out again and do the same job somewhere else. “Landmark” refers to the transformations the city and its buildings are constantly facing, but also on how this changing moments are perfect for us as society to reflect on where we are coming from and in which direction we want to continue our way.”

THE SERIALITY OF GOD – ON THE REPETITION OF GOD IN TEXTS FROM 400 YEARS – Since a while, literary scholar Sebastian Schulze is working on a computer program that allows to investigate extremely large amounts of text to specific questions and to display the answers in complex charts. In his lecture at Plattenvereinigung, he will reflect the sentence “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God” with playfully corpus-linguistic methods.