Between May and October 2016, the Plattenvereinigung at the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin will become an artistic workshop and a forum to deal with the subject of “Seriality and Cycle”. For several selected artists, the building becomes a studio and exhibition space for the realization of installative works that deal with “seriality and cycle” from different perspectives. The installations are accompanied by a supporting program with public lectures and discussion events. The artistic works will be presented in front of an audience as well as photographically accompanied and shown as a series of images in a final exhibition.

– Images

As a part of the project „Series and Cycle“, Japanese artist Yotaro Niwa is working on “ – Images”, an installation, which is exploring the diverse relations of images and realities. Here’s what he wrote about his work:

As modern human beings, we live in a cognitive world that is an entanglement of two perceptual spaces: a world of everyday reality and a virtual world experienced through various media, in particular the perceptive space experienced on the internet. When we think about these two spaces, we also think about other items such as national/international, urban/local, global/regional, central/marginal, imaginary/physical, potential/optical, online/offline.

The project “ – Images” is a work in progress, literally. It will continuously be developed in several formats in the future, way beyond the end of Yotaro Niwa’s residency at Plattenvereinigung.