PATTERNS Außenaufnahmen, © Philipp Rupp, 2021

Electronic Music & Art Exhibition

The human relationship to patterns is ambivalent: they are limiting and stabilizing at the same time. If there are patterns, we try to break out. If there are no patterns, we search for them. Patterns are everywhere: music, graphics, behaviour, movement, history.

The event series Patterns combines art exhibition and open air music. The art exhibitions are installed upstairs on the first floor of the building, cold drinks are served at the bar on the ground floor and the music is performed on a proper sound system directly in front of the building. Come. See. Dance.

Luvi – I Am Luvi (self portrait series)

Flavie Guerrand – Wild Boars Under My Skirt (photo series)

The range of music played at Patterns is wide: Electro, Broken Beats, Techno, Dubstep, Experimental and more. DJs who played at Patterns so far are Stoid, Kiki, STRM, Stoph, Guillaume.