50²20¹ Anti-Magazine Release

50²20¹ is an anti-magazine engaging people from different disciplines to discuss issues of our time. Indeed, we ought to gather friends, artists and contributors to explore the different aspects of the chosen topic in their own way. The magazine is digital, and published on a USB. 

While we started this project by focusing on surveillance, we have now chosen for this new issue the topic of patriarchy with a focus on heteronormativity and hegemonic masculinity. 

For this release, we are hosting an engaging and happy party on a warm summer day. 

We will start the event with some short-movies screenings, followed by an exclusive screening from Bedside Production (and discussion). Some poetry readings will also take place. Eventually, we will close the event with a dj set and live set from Tiagssss and Peachlyfe. The event will take place in the amazing Plattenvereinigung, Berlin Tempelhof.

1 usb: 5€. 

Complete schedule: 

4pm: Open screenings / Loop 

          Tiago Gonçalvez “Coisa de Mulheres”,

          Michelle Williams Gamaker “Brown Queers”, 

          Abel Báguena “Ave Maria”.

6pm: “Boy Oh Boy” exclusive screening by Bedside Production

          Followed by Q&A with Anne-Sofie Steen Sverdrup and

          Kirstine Maria Thomsen.

7pm: Poetry readings with Felipe Carrasco Brevis (“Fill All My

         Holes, Heal All My Wounds”) and Hazal Kaygusuz & Alik

         (“Winds Dwell”).

8pm: Tiagsssss – DJ set (https://soundcloud.com/tiagsssss)

9pm: Peachlyfe – Live (https://soundcloud.com/peach-lyfe)

Sound system sponsored by Tonverleih GmbH.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/
FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/375756006414443/